Children & Teen Psychology

Mental disorders and depressive tendencies are emerging more commonly than ever before in children and teens. These emotional issues can have significant effects on critical developmental processes that are important for adolescents as they grow into maturity. If real mental issues are left unresolved, children are much more likely to develop health complications such as anxiety, immune disorders, and various other health outcomes. This is why seeking child psychology services at the first signs of mental issues is important. The sooner the problem is identified, the better the chance of healthy progress.

Signs/Symptoms of Psychological Disorders

Being able to properly identify any real issues your child may be experiencing can be very helpful in knowing if you should be seeking out proper treatment. Some of the most common risk factors to watch out for in children include:

  • Verbal or physical aggression
  • Destruction of property
  • Defiant and oppositional behaviors
  • Self-harm
  • Distancing and social isolation

These risk factors are all signs that psychological interventions should be considered in order to curb the issues before they progress.

Meet Dr. Kuechle

Ralph G. Kuechle, Ph.D.Best Child Psychologists in Orange County, Ca is a children and teen psychologist who specializes in treating children and their families who may be struggling with mood and behavioral issues. He received his doctorate from the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) at the Los Angeles campus of Alliant International University in Alhambra, California in 2006 (APA Approved Clinical Ph.D. Program).

Dr. Kuechle has extensive experience in crisis intervention, psychological assessments, and psychotherapy. His special area of expertise includes working with children and adolescents who exhibit severe behavior disturbances such as verbal and physical aggression, destruction of property, resistance to authority (oppositional and defiant behaviors), and self-injurious behaviors. Dr. Kuechle takes a “family systems approach” and works in conjunction with the family while conceptualizing cases from a psychodynamic perspective.


What To Expect From Your First Visit

child psychiatry and psychology servicesDuring your first visit, the therapist will carefully review your child’s medical history and warning signs to try and understand what may be the root cause of the mental issues they are going through. After this, you can expect to have a friendly discussion regarding your child’s family and medical history as well as different aspects of your lifestyle. The conversation is always open, friendly, understanding, and free of judgment.



Treatment Options

The team at Harbor Psychiatry is committed to providing a comprehensive “family systems approach” and works in conjunction with the family while understanding cases from a psychodynamic perspective. Treatment interventions include psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and family systems strategies. After the initial consultation and discussion, the doctors will design a personalized treatment plan based on their findings using proven intervention methods. Depending on the results, your therapist may recommend a combination of conversation-based cognitive treatment along with medication support to increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

Why us?

The experienced and compassionate psychologists at Harbor Mental Health believe in improving access to much needed behavioral health services while making the process approachable and transparent for families. We understand the impact that mental disorders can have on your family, and is why they place such heavy importance on personally-tailored treatment plans that are designed thoughtfully and based on only the most proven and research-backed methods. You can trust that our team can help your child adopt healthier thought patterns and come to terms with the issues they are dealing with.