Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing

Personal experiences are only one of the defining factors of mental illness. There is mounting evidence that shows that genetic predisposition to mental illness in your family can be a significant factor. In addition to this, your unique genetic makeup can be an important factor in determining which medications will work best for you and help guide you back to a more positive, sustainable mental state. Genetic testing can help a doctor determine whether a medication will be effective for a patient and provide dosing guidance. It can also help alert clincians to medications that might be potentially harmful to patients.

The Role of Genetics in Mental Illness

Evidence shows that genetics and mental illness have an important relationship. A study conducted in 2013 proved that five of the most prevalent mental disorders – autism, ADHD, depression, and schizophrenia – all share a root genetic cause.

The role of genetics in a category such as mental illness is complex for many reasons. Mental illness has more than just inward-facing causes such as genetics, but outward causes as well. Environmental factors such as family, financial, and career stressors can also affect your mental state… Understanding these facts is crucial for approaching treatment in the right frame of mind. Knowing that you can regain control and that you can take steps in the right direction will help you achieve a successful outcome.

How Does Psycho-Genomic Testing Work?

Psycho-genomic testing analyzes DNA to identify the different risk factors for mental illness as well as what medications might work best in your case. Using these tests, a provider can personalize your treatment plan, pinpoint the proper supplemental medications, and avoid medicines that may cause side effects or that may not work effectively. The tests are not looking for exact causes of symptoms, but for markers that have been proven to signal mental illness and associated risk factors. By understanding your predisposition, your treatment provider can more accurately diagnose and tailor treatment to the severity and type of illness you are experiencing.

Why We Value Genetic Testing

Using genetic information, we can create an even broader picture of your unique situation. This allows us to give you a more personalized treatment plan alongside you and your needs. Psychological treatment should never be one-dimensional and attempt to group you with others. Everyone is unique, and genetic testing gives us an even deeper understanding of who you are.

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