Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Maternal Mental Health Treatment 

Mental health conditions – including PMADs – are the leading cause of maternal death in the United States. PMADs, however, are highly treatable. With the right care, those with PMADs can continue living rewarding lives and have a fulfilling motherhood journey.

Several strategies can help prevent and treat PMADs, including: 

  • Early detection and intervention via screening during prenatal, pediatric, and postpartum appointments 
  • Therapy with licensed mental healthcare providers  
  • Psychiatric treatments, including medication during pregnancy / postpartum 
  • Prioritizing sleep whenever possible
  • Regular exercise to boost mood
  • Building social support

Recognizing that there is hope, you are not alone, and it will get better.

Is Psychiatric Medication Safe During the Peripartum Period? 

We recognize there are concerns about utilizing psychiatric medication during the peripartum period. However, there are several safe options available, and the benefits of taking medicines may outweigh the risks of such treatment. 

Harbor Psychiatry & Mental Health’s Maternal Health Program

We encourage anyone with identified risk factors, PMADS symptoms, or those in need of support to seek care as soon as possible – the earlier you engage in treatment, the better! However, regardless of how long you have been struggling, we are here to help and have supported numerous patients through this journey.

In addition to medication and / or therapy, your HPMH providers can work with you on strategies such as sleep improvements, exercise, and building social support to help improve your mental health.  

Couples counseling and family therapy are also available at HPMH – life transitions such as childbirth and expanding your family are challenging, and seeking support together can strengthen the health and functioning of a couple or family unit.  

Specialty populations 

HPMH clinicians provide services to the following specialized populations, in addition to preconception / pregnant / postpartum patients. The groups below face specific mental health and PMADs risk factors related to pregnancy and child birth: 

  • Miscarriage and pregnancy loss    
  • Fertility and IVF patients  
  • Fathers, parents, and adoptive parents  

Here at HPMH, we are passionate about providing comprehensive mental health care to support those struggling with psychological/psychiatric concerns during preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum. We have specialized maternal health psychiatric providers and psychologists who work together to form a wrap-around and holistic approach to care, addressing your mental health through a variety of strategies.

Meet the HPMH Maternal Health Treatment team:

Dr. Gauri Saxena, PhD 

Amanda Nelson, PA-C

Erin Benesch, DO

Mimi Amaral, PsyD

Is Psychiatric Medication Safe During the Peripartum Period?

Many pregnant / postpartum patients are concerned about utilizing psychiatric medication during this period. However, there are several safe options, and the benefits of taking medicines may outweigh the risks of such treatment. 

Whenever possible, schedule an appointment with a psychiatric provider that specializes in maternal health who will work with you to make decisions that you can feel good about. 

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