Why Personality Assessments Are Important

Why Personality Assessments Are Important

A wide variety of factors can contribute to mental health disorders: genetics, environment, and even nutrition. Personality, though, is a piece of a puzzle that can be a bit more complex. How a person acts on a day-to-day basis and reacts to certain situations can all be signs that help to paint a clearer picture of his/her mental health state. The findings from a simple personality assessment can be critical to help our doctors create a treatment plan that is tailored to our patients’ unique situation.

personality assessmentPersonality assessments are important for creating trust and empathy for our patients. Personality assessments also help us (as psychologists and psychiatrists) to create some context surrounding the patient’s unique case. The personality assessment results can help us determine which treatment options work best and what types of therapeutic techniques will be a good fit.

Our personality assessments are just one part of a completely integrative approach that unites all of the core elements of your health. These include:

  • Health
  • Stress Management
  • Medication
  • Relationships
  • Daily Habits

We strive to provide our patients with personalized treatment plans and ensure you feel comfortable and at ease throughout the process. We understand mental health issues are confusing, challenging, and even alienating, and is why our empathetic team of doctors cares about providing treatment designed especially for you.