What is TelePsychotherapy?

TelePsychotherapy Services or TeleMental Health Services are generally used to refer to TelePsychology and TelePsychiatry sessions that are delivered through the internet. Online or remote counseling can greatly improve access to mental healthcare by helping clients overcome barriers to care including scheduling limitations as well as mobility restriction, illness, travel, childcare challenges, and transportation difficulties.

Why TelePsych?


For many patients, TeleMental Health Service means better, faster access to healthcare with more secure options. For a healthcare professional, this word means leveraging technology to reach more patients, anytime or anywhere. Today, this is a buzzword used frequently by healthcare professionals across all sectors of the healthcare industry. Telemental Health is cited as being more than just a passing trend, it is a solution that is seriously impacting the delivery of health care. Research studies by the Telemental Health Institute indicate that telemental health is equivalent to face-to-face care in various settings and an acceptable alternative.


TelePsychotherapy is becoming popular especially in the field of behavioral health. It is estimated that one in every four adults is diagnosed with a mental illness each year but only half will actually receive treatment. Patients with mental illness often see only the stigma attached to seeing a healthcare provider, causing them to miss out on the much-needed care they deserve. With a telePsych solution, this stigma is eradicated, as sessions can be conducted within the privacy of a patient’s own home. Another barrier preventing access to care is mobility. TelePsych solutions allow for a patient to never miss an appointment, as care can be received at any location. “Telemental health” services encourage the relationship between the provider and the patient through more private and comfortable solutions, and more flexible scheduling options.

Controlling COVID-19

Harbor Mental Health has been providing TelePsychotherapy sessions to patients who wish to meet our therapists online or unable to come to our office for a variety of different reasons. But now and due to the spread of COVID-19, we are offering telePsych sessions to all our patients who are eligible and can receive mental health services through a secure web interface.

Confidentiality & Privacy

Harbor Mental Health providers use HIPAA-compliant video platforms that protect the privacy of clients and the confidentiality of protected personal health information.


Fees for Tele counseling services are usually the same as they are for in-person counseling services. Most major insurance plans cover telemental health care, including Magellan, United Behavioral Health, Cigna and some Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans.Harbor Mental Health is in-network with most insurance plans.