Behavioral Assessment

Behavioral Assessment & Testing Services

Mental issues can most often be heavily influenced by certain behavioral tendencies that you may not even be aware of. Getting a new perspective on thoughts and behavioral characteristics from a trained psychiatrist can help you better understand how to start making changes for the better. The process of treating mental health disorders can be complicated. Behavioral assessments help to create a personalized dynamic between you and your treatment provider and allow them to more effectively help you take steps in the right direction.

What do behavioral assessments consist of?

Behavioral assessments occur throughout each phase of treatment and are used to observe, explain, predict, and correct certain actions. They involve the identification of behavioral patterns and the variables that may be shaping their occurrence. Understanding certain behavioral traits can help our team to learn about you as a person and outline which tendencies may be contributing to your mental health issues. The assessment process can consist of the following measures:


The initial observation phase can take place during your first meeting with the psychiatrist. Just by interacting with your doctor, speaking to them, and talking through some of your issues can reveal critical information regarding your behavioral tendencies. This allows for specific problematic behaviors to be identified and taken into account for treatment.

Functional Analysis

Functional analysis is the central feature of a behavioral assessment. It involves a careful look into the situational factors surrounding behaviors. Primarily, this focuses on what stimulates certain behaviors as well as the consequences of that behavior. This creates a more precise and focused understanding of the context surrounding certain behavioral patterns.

Controlled Conditions

Your psychiatrist may also simulate a situation that has triggered a problem behavior in the past. This is great for both exposure therapy as well as further understanding what is causing your issues and how we can best help you correct them.

Why our approach stands out?

Many behavioral assessments approach the process with very impersonal methods such as questionnaires and pre-determined interview questions. We believe in a more personal and authentic approach. By tailoring each phase of the assessment and treatment to your unique situation, we are able to create a more comfortable, understanding, and overall effective treatment plan.

Mental health is a complex problem that while misunderstood, requires each person to be treated as an individual. This is why we strive to help you make progress step-by-step towards a life of healthier thoughts and behaviors. The most effective forms of psychological treatment are those that are uniquely designed for each individual.